Design and Nature: A Partnership by Faith Kane

So pleased to have a co-authored chapter included in Design and Nature: a Partnership edited by Kate Fletcher, Louise St. Pierre Mathilda Tham. The piece emerged out of ongoing work that focuses on harakeke (NZ Flax), here in Aotearoa New Zealand. It was co-authored with key researchers, activists and practitioners Rangi Te Kanawa, Huhana Smith, Tanya Ruka and Angela Kilford, who are leading in this space.

Rural Design Week 2019, Italy by Faith Kane

Very pleased to be taking part in this exhibition. We are showing a few samples emerging from a project within the Materials Design for Sustainability NZ area of my current work….the work to be shown at RDW in June resulted from a small project called ‘NZ Flax Felt’, which was funded by Massey University in 2018. An expanded team of people have contributed to and collaborated on this ongoing work including; Tanya Ruka, Angela Kilford, Kurt Komene, Scion NZ and AgResearch NZ. And it is underpinned by the kaupapa of Rangi Te Kanawa of Muka Ltd. and critical guidance from Prof Huhana Smith.