Solar Textiles | Maximising Colour

This project is situated in the design/science space and seeks to engage with PV technologies in a creative way in order to explore opportunities to design with and for solar textiles.  To date, an initial feasibility study -  ‘Maximising Colour’ - has investigated the use of textile dyes within dye-sensitised solar cells (DSSC). The aim being to consider the potential to use these dyes in multifunctional ways within a textile: as a medium for a solar cell alongside surface colour and patterning.

The feasibility study was undertaken at Loughborough University UK, (School of the Arts, Chemistry Department and Design School) in which textile dyes were successfully used in DSSC’s techniques.  The project team included Dr Faith Kane, Dr Rachel Philpott, Professor Upul Wijayantha, Dr Darren Southee and Shanila Marshal. This research is being continued through a current PhD project funded by the Energy Research Challenge at Loughborough University, and is supported by the Society of Dyers and Colourists

Further research will explore the use of surface functionalized solar cells (i.e. Q-dot) and perovskite solar cell technologies alongside textile coloration, surface design techniques and printable electronics to integrate design and science in this field within a range of scenarios.